Overcome the Uncomfortable

You’re uncomfortable. Admit it. That one word is keeping you stagnant and letting success slip through your fingers. It’s keeping you from reaching your full potential and preventing you from leveling up. This negative mindset is the root of your problems. You are the gatekeeper of your life, and you’re keeping the blessings locked outside and knocking on your door while you stay inside and knockdown on yourself. There is power in the tongue, and you attract what you put in the air and get what you receive. Speak positive words of affirmation to yourself and be headstrong.

How often do you repeatedly reject yourself from new opportunities before giving them a chance, eliminating yourself from having a seat at the table? Why do you tell yourself that you’re not qualified, lack experience, and compare yourself to others? Do you doubt yourself? You’re uncomfortable because you keep filling your mind with toxic thoughts. Stop letting pessimism get the best of you and understand that your anxiety is lying to you. Strengthen your confidence, mindset, and willpower to overcome the negativity and step into your excellence.

You’re uncertain about the future; the unknown is making you uncomfortable. That is understandable. But to level up, you have to take chances, as nerve-racking as it may be, you have to do it to move forward. You have to grow from your past – those harsh failures – and know that you’re onto better things. Strengthen your mind and your sanity so they become a barrier from any harmful elements, or thoughts that may come your way.

So many people miss out on opportunities because they fail to go after them. They avoid taking new groundbreaking chances because they are afraid of the outcome. Let go of that mentality that you can’t attract great things. Don’t let fear hold you back. Stop worrying over the future, stop being anxious about the what-ifs, and stop overthinking the “shoulda coulda wouldas.” What will be…will be. And it will be accompanied by joy and glory.

Staying in your comfort zone is going to block your blessings. It is going to let many opportunities pass by, and you will miss out on life. Know that you have the potential to accomplish all that you set your mind to. Know that you can reach higher levels and new opportunities. Stop thinking so lowly of yourself and stop putting yourself down. You are greatness. You radiate it. Step out of that state of being uncomfortable as you progress triumphantly through your journey of life. Keep walking on your path. Go after it. You got this. It’s time to overcome the uncomfortable.

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